TETRA Ing We are a modern but with extensive experience of over 25 years in the design, construction and commissioning of industrial solutions to support improvement and development of production in industrial engineering.

Our products are aimed at the automation and improvement of manufacturing processes or work, both from the design of machines for special applications, assembly lines, and integration of robotics and machine vision, as jobs for simple or complex pre-assembly operations, assembly or control or production tooling and quality.

Meeting the needs of customers by designing and manufacturing machines and systems that meet all the requirements and needs of our customers with quality design and production effectiveness and efficiency in consumption solutions, results and costs.

More 25 years developing machines and innovation systems. TETRA will celebrate this year its 600 manufactured machine. Long experience to improve existing technologies and last technology. Our teams are recognized for their expertise and our machines for their quality of design.

The Board of Directors of TETRA PROYECTOS, S.L. has adopted a quality policy in order:

“To ensure customer satisfaction, employee satisfaction and stakeholder satisfaction: that is our principal concern, meeting the needs of our customers and complying with the law relating to our products as a starting point for continuous improvement in the effectiveness of the business.”

This quality policy is intended to set in place and maintain an advanced production structure, ensuring the growth of the business and its acknowledged high standing in theDesign and construction of special machines”, resulting in the manufacture of machines that meet all the needs of our customers with speed of service at competitive prices, in an environment of absolute and constant responsibility.

The Quality Policy of TETRA PROYECTOS, S.L. is the basis for the establishment and review of its quality objectives.

TETRA PROYECTOS, S.L. will ensure that this Quality Policy is understood at every level of the organisation through explanations in staff meetings and the publication and distribution of the Quality Policy, so that staff play an active part and are involved and committed to its implementation.

TETRA PROYECTOS, S.L. will review the appropriateness and currency of its Quality Policy annually through meetings of the Quality Committee with a view to the adoption of amendments to the quality system by the Board of Directors.



Approved: Board of Directors TETRA PROYECTOS, S.L.

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